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"Paola’s ability to quickly get to the root of what’s troubling me is absolutely mind blowing. She sees patterns in my behavior or my personality or my thinking that I am blind to and that are clearly holding me back from creating the results that I want. She has a very good understanding of how to coach me through to success in every area of my life. She is gentle and patient, and coaches in a way that helps me to realize these things for myself. Which also helps me to retain the lesson much better than just highlighting issues and preaching what to do differently. Paola has had a huge impact on my life and I am extremely grateful to have met her. Without question, much of my growth and progress can be attributed to her coaching. "

Justin Sousa-Saints

"This has been definitely one of the best investments I have ever done! My coaching process with Paola was like bringing light and color back into my life. Paola helped me open my eyes to see the beauty right in front of me, and to realise that the right attitude and mindset can help me attract more and better opportunities. With Paola, I discovered habits that were limiting my growth and I began creating healthy habits for my body and spirit. Now I am aware that everything is connected and that if I take care of my body and feed my spirit with the right thoughts, I can have a higher vibration. The results surprise me every day! "

Irene Chaves
Costa Rica

"Before signing in for a coaching session I was not sure whether anyone would be in a position to offer assistance to me and Paola was able to help me understand my thought patterns and behaviours and allowed me to understand myself better. She is great at listening and possesses a number of different powerful tools and breathing techniques that helped me move past traumas. I am always recommending to my friends Paola´s coaching sessions.” "

Boris Peysakhov
New York

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